Communication interface

I thought about how the communication interface could be structured. Here are my results. The screen with a selected conversation (it just enlarges) is not drawn. Maybe this can be helpful in the discussion.



Oh yes, I like the idea of Letzter Stand very much!

My draft opens some kind of “rooms” for each entity (wish/ activity/ means). Each room is defined by its members and (optionally) a topic and a current state. One can either open up a new room or discuss in an existing room.

An interesting point with this approach raises, when you end up in a room with someone you are not related to. But maybe that’s no problem. Example:

  • Lasagne person opens a room with suppliers cheese and pasta (see image above).
  • Cheese person now discusses with consumer lasagne and pasta, who is not related to them (as they don’t know about the lasagne recipe they can just guess, that there might be pasta needed).

But maybe we don’t want unrelated persons to be in one room. Rooms could be split up automatically, which would lead to many rooms, which is probably not what we want. :thinking:

This problem only exists for rooms, which a person did not initiate themselves (incoming requests).


I recently came accross Braid, a team chat application that groups messages with tags, which might serve as an inspiration:

It turns out, if you free yourself from having chat rooms, and focus on conversations instead, many of the problems go away. We’ve built a prototype around this concept, and though it still has some rough edges, it’s already become our go-to chat app (and for a bunch of other folks too)


Some months ago I might have mentioned Loomio, a forum-like decision making platform. It is noteworty because it makes it very easy to include proposals and polls into a discussion. This provides more structure, e.g. as every proposal has a documented outcome. A lot of decision making intelligence has been baked into Loomio, so it’s definitively worth checking out as well.

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Very interesting. The idea behind Braid seems to be, that you don’t open and close rooms. They just emerge in some way, when people discuss about a topic (hashtag).

eBay Kleinanzeigen has a very simple communication interface, which groups messages around a task to be organized (in this case: selling an article).