Use of the ticket/ tasks category

This seems to me more like a ticket for our gitlab. My thoughts on the Discourse-Pseudo-Ticket-System was more, that interested persons can see, how they can participate on a lower level and as independent as possible.

Is the name for the category irritating? Maybe renaming it to “Open Tasks” or “Public Tasks” would make it clearer.

Maybe I was wrong and we could use this category as a to-do list for us as team with specific tasks (like this one, in my opinion) and for more ‘general’ tasks, which help interested persons participate.

If so, I think we need different Subs / tags. I’m not sure, how we should categorize them…

Another interesting question in this context: How do we close “tickets” when they are done?

I’m pretty sure this this is possible with the ticket-plugin, which @qsmd wanted to activate (but it really has no priority right now!). So far we can change the ticket name in “CLOSED [ticket name]”

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We can define tags like #beginner-friendy , #gitlab-task , #general-task , etc., until we come up with a better idea to separate tickets ( / open tasks).

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Here is an idea, how we could even replace this category (in the future):