Transcript of presentation / video subtitles

We now have a transcript of the German version of our sprint presentation (seven pages of text :slight_smile:). A translation to English will follow soon.

This enabled us not only to translate the presentation, but to create video subtitles (for better accessability) as well. Does anybody know how to do that? Would that be a ticket in the tasks category?

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I did that once, but as far as i can remember, it was pretty simple with the right tools. Takes some time. I will have a look, if I find any tools for linux.

You could make a task! Would be motivating to close it again :wink:

Edit: It seems like, it would have been great, to transcript the video directly in a subtitle software :smiley: But there are a lot of tools. Aegissub is the one, I used some years ago - it wasn’t hard.